Specialist Services

We offer a range of specialist car valeting services in Warwickshire, South Birmingham & Staffordshire. Our specialist services are available on a quotation basis and are provided with the same great care as all our other vehicle valeting options. We use a range of specialist products to make sure every job is completed to the very highest standard.

Some of our specialist valet and car cleaning services are listed below. However if the service you are looking for is not listed please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cabrio Hood Cleaner and Protector

A double action cleaner is used which penetrates the material and lifts the dirt to the surface, while the high tech protector gives flexibility and coats the hood. This advanced formulation will keep the soft top in showroom condition.

Air Conditioning Sanitiser

This product sanitises the air conditioning system by killing harmful bacteria that causes unpleasant odours and possible health risks.

Intensive Fabric Protector

With ever increasing colour choice especially light colour fabrics and leather, more emphasis is put on maintaining the interior as with the exterior appearance.

After application of the ‘fabric protector’ an invisible coating protects your vehicle’s upholstery and carpets, allowing liquids such as coffee, coke, yoghurt, vomit and other similar liquids to be wiped off without causing permanent staining. This also makes the removal of pet hair easier, thus extending fabric and carpet life.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay Bar treatment is a mixture of a clay base and various mild abrasives which removes paint contamination. Road grime, tar, bugs, rust, tree sap and even overspray can be removed with the clay bar. Using the clay bar does not remove the need to polish, it is simply a process that should be used prior to polishing so as to obtain the best possible results.

Some Of Our Specialist Services

  • Pet Hair removal
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Cabriolet Roof Restoration & Protection
  • Paint Colour Renovation
  • Industrial Fallout Removal
  • Vehicle Deodorised
  • Claybar Treatment

*Prices may vary depending on size, condition & location of vehicle